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Unit 642-643 Map

Location Map

Unit 642 - W/S Route 1 F/S - Middletown, PA

Located in Langhorne, PA along Route 1, this digital location reaches commuters and destination traffic traveling northbound towards such attractions as the Oxford Valley Mall and Sesame Place. This left hand read is the first digital that will be viewable upon exiting the Pennsylvania Turnpike 276 traveling towards Princeton, NJ reaching an affluent consumer base.


  • Each spot will play for a duration of 8 seconds
  • 1 spot every minute
  • Total of 8 spots in every loop
  • Each unit generates up to 1,400 exposures per day
  • Generating approximately 39,000 exposures per 4-week period

Benefits of Digital

  • Allows an endless variety of creative executions
  • No production costs
  • Messages are easily changed and can display based on triggers, including time of day, day of week, weather conditions and traffic patterns.

For rates and availability, contact Crystal Crawford:

send email | p:610-975-9390

  • Location: W/S Route 1, F/S
  • Unit Number: 642
  • Municipality: Middletown, PA
  • Size: 14' x 48'
  • 18+ Weekly Impressions (per spot): 113,322
  • D.E.C: 41.1 (in thousands)
  • Digital Bulletin
  • download head sheet

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